About WhatIReckon.com

I was sitting talking to Karen, my flatmate (sorry, “townhouse-mate”!), about Life, philosophy and Everything, and it occurred to me that most of the ideas that wander around in my brain never get aired and shared, and that when I die, they’ll die with me.

Karen responded that I should write them all down, perhaps even write a book. “Yeah right!” I thought. “And what would that book be called? What I Reckon, by Mark Virtue. Who would ever read a book like that? Who would pay money to read about some obscure Australian guy’s opinions on Life?”

And then I wondered (being the web developer that I am) whether the Internet address www.whatireckon.com would be available. Karen was certain that it would be available, and I was equally certain that it would not be available – just about any address you can think of these days is already gone. We made a bet (the loser buys tomorrow night’s pudding) and then went upstairs to check the Net. I was more than a little surprised to find it was available, and Karen told me to buy it on the spot.

Twenty minutes later there was a website there…