Quotable quotes

I reckon everyone should have at least one quote attributed to them before they die. Here’s two of mine…

1. Reliability is to the future what honesty is to the past

A “reliable” person is someone who talks about the future and what they say turns out to be true (e.g. “I will be there at 7:00pm”). An “honest” person is someone who talks about the past and what they say turns out to be true (e.g. “I’ve never cheated on you”). The two terms represent both sides of the issue of “trust”: i.e. You can trust a person only if they are both honest and reliable. Most people think trust is only about honesty. I disagree. In fact I’d go so far as to say that trust has very little to do with honesty, and that it’s mostly about reliability (chiefly because when you say you “trust” someone, you’re thinking about how they’re going to act in the future).

2. Worry is to the future what regret is to the past

“Worry” is a feeling of unease about something unpleasant that might happen in the future, and what you might be able to do about it. “Regret” is a feeling of unease about something unpleasant that has happened in the past, and what you might have done about it. Both are equally futile and equally useless wastes of energy.

8 Responses to “Quotable quotes”

  1. Dom Says:

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    Lovely, I like the relatioship between the two in your first quote and the second one is a cracker!
    The only qoute I use is, “The older I get, the better I was”

  2. John B Says:

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    As far as possible we ought relate to others in a way that does not require trust.

  3. Karen Crighton Says:

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    That’s a lovely short n’ sweet response John B but I need to know why??? Why ought we relate to others in a way that does not require trust?
    I reckon you should elaborate…

  4. Kaz Says:

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    I reckon that the quote that should be attributed to me before I die will read as follows…
    ‘She came like a whirlwind, she left like a hurricane. She will be sorely missed…like a hole in the head, but missed all the same.
    Thats what I reckon…

  5. Lacey Says:

    Visit Lacey

    Life was unfair,but unto her I can safely leave my trust. She only promised me death. Her promise went unbroken.

  6. Nikhil Khullar Says:

    Visit Nikhil Khullar

    Code is poetry…
    This is evident from your words, sir.
    I reckon most of what I know about UNIX and C is because of you. Thanks a lot !

  7. famous quotes Says:

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    i really liked what you said about trust not being honesty but trust is more reliability, i havent thought about it like that before but it does make sense. thank you for the post:) i like your 2 life quotes.

  8. Jerry Matinez Says:

    Visit Jerry Matinez

    You do not have to expect what will happen in the future because you might regret the day that you expected and failed.

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