The Guru and the Grown-Up

I reckon these old writings deserve a place here…
A few years ago, before “Conversations with God” came out, and even before I’d heard of the Socratic Dialogues, I penned this little philosophical essay on God and the Nature of the Universe – written in dialog form to make it (hopefully) a little more readable and entertaining.
It’s a long one – 20 pages or so. I wrote it back in 1994 (I think), and my ideas have evolved a little since then, but there are bits of it I reckon are still meaningful. It’s on one of my other websites:

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  1. Marek Klemes Says:

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    Mark, I am continuing about the idea that “life” is an additional dimension. (The first response got truncated because your site detected a “duplicate comment”).
    So we are “stuck” in this 4-dimensional world, it seems. But consider living matter, as opposed to just ordinary 3-D matter, whether moving in time or not. Living matter (i.e. we) can manipulate, analyze, transform, and philosophize endlessly about non-living 3-D matter at almost any level now from bosons to black holes to the cosmic background radiation. However, when we apply ourselves to living matter, it seems (to me at least) that we cannot fathom what makes it “live”. We have to get outside of thie “life dimension” to fully perceive life and its boundaries. Our beings are therefore just a projection of “life” down onto the 4-dimensional space-time we inhabit. THe rest of our life dimension lies outside this 4-D world, in the 5-th dimension I call life, for lack of a better word. You may as well call the rest of our life dimensionality “soul”, and the whole of the 5-th dimension “god”. It may go on to higher dimensions, but I cannot fathom that far, just like a 1-D creature cannot fathom a 3-D world. So that’s the philosophy I wanted to get out there for folks to ponder.

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