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On Love and Fidelity

Published on May 21, 1999

I reckon I think about love a lot. I don’t suppose I’m unusual in that regard – it’s probably one of the most thought-about topics in the history of – well – history. One thing I’ve noticed about myself and my musings on love is that no matter what age I am, I always seem […]

A Polite Amount of Time

Published on

I reckon there’s a question of decorum that has never been satisfactorily answered. Any reader who finds the word fart offensive should stop reading about seven words ago, for my question indeed deals with the breath of the nether regions. And the question is this: What length of time should a reasonably decent fellow wait […]

Fear, Courage and Paul Hogan

Published on April 4, 1999

I Reckon most people’s notion of “courage” is a little simplistic.  I saw an interview with Paul Hogan once, where he was asked about his famous hero episode. Apparently, back before he was famous, when he was a rigger on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, he became a bit of a local celebrity by leaning off […]

You know what I hate?

Published on April 3, 1999

I reckon people who don’t walk down escalators should be taken out and shot. You know, those people who just stand there and let the thing carry them down to the next floor. I don’t like it and I don’t even understand it. If you think about it, it doesn’t make any sense at all. […]

Bloody Insurance Companies

Published on April 2, 1999

I reckon this is a more than a pet hate – more of a huge, wild, ravening, man-eating velociraptor hate: Insurance companies. Most of my friends will have already heard my spiel about why I avoid taking out insurance unless there’s some unusual circumstances, but the rest of you might find it a little bizarre […]

The Guru and the Grown-Up

Published on October 10, 1994

I reckon these old writings deserve a place here… A few years ago, before “Conversations with God” came out, and even before I’d heard of the Socratic Dialogues, I penned this little philosophical essay on God and the Nature of the Universe – written in dialog form to make it (hopefully) a little more readable […]