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You’re sitting in a chair in the sky!

Published on April 4, 2010

I reckon two things today (I’m in a reckoning kinda mood): I reckon Louis C.K. is the finest stand-up comedian alive. And I reckon that we (Western society) have got to be the most sublimely fortunate people in history, and yet at the same time we’re also spoilt, blasé and inexplicably miserable (or, as Louis […]

Time Travel

Published on June 3, 2005

I reckon time-travel – the sort we see in science-fiction stories and movies – is simply not possible. It is not possible – no matter how advanced your technology – to invent a machine that can transport a human being back in time. The article below is the transcript of a presentation on Time-Travel I […]

Quotable quotes

Published on May 24, 2005

I reckon everyone should have at least one quote attributed to them before they die. Here’s two of mine… 1. Reliability is to the future what honesty is to the past A “reliable” person is someone who talks about the future and what they say turns out to be true (e.g. “I will be there […]

Seven Years to Go

Published on May 2, 2005

I reckon the world as we know it will be ending shortly. I’ve felt this for some time now. I think it started back when I was a kid, but I first got a solid sense of it in 1988, when I was 23. What am I talking about here? The World War III notion […]

Expectations are the Root of all Unhappiness

Published on May 1, 2005

I reckon this one’s almost too simple to be true:  Expectations are the root of all unhappiness.  I’ve been thinking about this for a few years now, and I’ve yet to come up with a counter-example.  The only time we’re ever unhappy is when we had an expectation that our lives would go a certain […]

The Future

Published on September 6, 1999

This particular ramblings episode was supposed to be a vast and broad-reaching dissertation on the future of mankind. Just some light reading before tea-time. I had (still have) this vision of how unrecognisable the human race will become over the next thousand years or so. Technological, sociological and spiritual advances were to be melded together […]

On Love and Fidelity

Published on May 21, 1999

I reckon I think about love a lot. I don’t suppose I’m unusual in that regard – it’s probably one of the most thought-about topics in the history of – well – history. One thing I’ve noticed about myself and my musings on love is that no matter what age I am, I always seem […]

Fear, Courage and Paul Hogan

Published on April 4, 1999

I Reckon most people’s notion of “courage” is a little simplistic.  I saw an interview with Paul Hogan once, where he was asked about his famous hero episode. Apparently, back before he was famous, when he was a rigger on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, he became a bit of a local celebrity by leaning off […]

The Guru and the Grown-Up

Published on October 10, 1994

I reckon these old writings deserve a place here… A few years ago, before “Conversations with God” came out, and even before I’d heard of the Socratic Dialogues, I penned this little philosophical essay on God and the Nature of the Universe – written in dialog form to make it (hopefully) a little more readable […]